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A little historyΒΆ

The Star Wars Jedi are awesome. My Jedi software tries to imitate a little bit of the precognition the Jedi have. There’s even an awesome scene of Monty Python Jedis :-).

But actually the name hasn’t so much to do with Star Wars. It’s part of my second name.

After I explained Guido van Rossum, how some parts of my auto-completion work, he said (we drank a beer or two):

“Oh, that worries me...”

When it’s finished, I hope he’ll like it :-)

I actually started Jedi, because there were no good solutions available for VIM. Most auto-completions just didn’t work well. The only good solution was PyCharm. But I like my good old VIM. Rope was never really intended to be an auto-completion (and also I really hate project folders for my Python scripts). It’s more of a refactoring suite. So I decided to do my own version of a completion, which would execute non-dangerous code. But I soon realized, that this wouldn’t work. So I built an extremely recursive thing which understands many of Python’s key features.

By the way, I really tried to program it as understandable as possible. But I think understanding it might need quite some time, because of its recursive nature.